Fundraising Goal

We strive to be a ministry that grows our income at the same pace as we grow our expenditure. We strive to remain a very cost effective and low-to-the-ground ministry. We also strive to save sufficient funds each year so that we build and maintain adequate savings margin to weather short-term storms and rise to challenges from time to time. Such an occasion is our opening of our drop-in center on Jan 6, 2016. We have committed our operating reserves to expanding ahead of our financial capabilities temporarily. To stay whole, we must raise an additional $200,000 to operate the drop-in incrementally through the end of 2017. This is on top of our ongoing operational budget. We seek expanded and new giving to help us deliver this critical resource that has been in the same location as our drop-in center for 15 years prior, serving hundreds of street-dependent youth every year. Without that new funding, the doors would indeed be closing on these vulnerable young people. We are committed to avoiding that.

Employee Matching

Street Youth Ministry is qualified for most employee matching programs. Simply ask to match Street Youth Ministry of Austin EIN #46-1449556.

Mailing Address

Checks can be mailed to Street Youth Ministry, 2026 Guadalupe Street #215, Austin TX 78705.

Giving Appreciated Investments

Call our business office 512 553 3796 to arrange donation of an appreciated stock. 

Donor News and Updates

We post updates for our donors on our blog.

Annual Report

You can order our annual report below and download our IRS 990 forms on Guidestar, where we have a platinum rating.

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