Mid-year Fundraiser

The time is now for our end-of-planning-year fundraiser!

We are raising funds to help us with reopening in-person groups in the fall.

We've been very successful keeping clients engaged with life-changing goals during all of the pandemic, but we can't wait to get back to seeing them in-person in groups.

Our facility has adapted considerably to meet the challenges of 2020, and now we need to adapt more to keep the best of 2020 techniques and gratefully welcome clients back to safe groups!

This special opportunity exists to help accomplish that. We can't wait!


At this time during normal years, we sharpen our pencils and estimate our remaining costs for the fiscal year, which ends this month (June). Instead, we are focusing our fund-raising efforts on a special project β€” $6,100 for a technology upgrade, art supplies and remodeling to prepare for the reopening of our Drop-in Center this fall. The project consists of the following:

  • 4 laptops with security cables for for client use ($2,100)

  • 4 I-pads with security cables and swivel stands for staff use in keeping records efficiently and quickly ($2,100)

  • New supplies for art group, to replace those given out during the pandemic ($400)

  • Labor and supplies to slightly remodel our interior storage space and provide acrylic dividers to create space for supplies inside our big client room ($1,500).

We encourage you to consider contributing to this special project. You can find a special page on our website for that purpose: www.fundraiser.SYMin.org. Or, just write a check and send it using the enclosed return envelope.

Yes, I want to help with this project!

Our most valuable product is guidance counseling. Most of your gift goes to pay for this life-changing service. Of course, we also offer food, clothing, and more. For more information about us and how your gifts are used by our small and thrifty organization, go to our regular Donate page. You can give in any way you prefer (Paypal, Credit Card, Check, Facebook, Electronic Check). Giving options are outlined in the menu under "Donate."