The time is now for our end-of-planning-year fundraiser! Costs have grown by 11% annually, but we think we'll break-even this 12-month period. However, individual donors are down about 20% this year. SO...

We're focusing until the end of June on raising awareness, which was almost impossible during the pandemic. We have set our sights on getting 400 new verified subscribers by June 30, 2022! This will be difficult, and we need your help. Subscribers receive our quarterly street stories and are not spammed. They're full of news and inspiring stories. This is NOT a fundraising appeal. Subscribers opt for email or print and can also opt into SMS. Your subscription makes a difference and here's how: A donor has provided a challenge. When we hit milestones, we will unlock funds not otherwise available to us, to give clients the training they need to learn soft skills. These soft skills make a huge impact, according to a recently concluded 2-year research study at SYMin.

Here is where we are now: We are working to reach the first tier of our FUNdRAISER and unlock the first $1000. This will enable us to continue providing incentives to clients to take the learning challenges we present in SYMinU.

Help us unlock the $1000 with 100 new verified subscribers!

Earn a reward for your favorite charity, too!

To make it fun, we're collecting information about who referred you. A group or individual can earn $250 for a favorite charity by being the leader in referrals by June 30! Second place gets to give a charity $50, third place $25. You must refer a minimum of 20 names. Just have people fill in your name or organization on the form! All names submitted must be verifiable emails and not current subscribers, and they must open our first emails to welcome them. Just real people wanting to learn more about homeless young adults. Start spreading the word! Have them go to to say "YES"!

You can also give traditionally at this time, of course using our form below to help counsel and equip homeless young adults.

When you donate to SYMin:

  • We are relatively small but efficient and highly effective.

  • Homeless youth find us for the resources.

  • We engage them in trust-based guidance.

  • Street youth set and achieve goals that re-establish their life direction.

They come to us for food, clothing, toiletries and self-care items but they stay to be heard, be known and receive guidance counseling. 80% engage deeply. Those who do so are twice as likely to set and achieve life-changing goals than those who don't. We're always adapting and trying new things, but our methods have been tested and proven effective since 2008. Our clients are awesome individuals who need help to recover from the extreme poverty they have already experienced at a young age.

Yes, I want to help counsel and equip homeless young adults!

Our most valuable product is guidance counseling. Most of your gift goes to pay for this life-changing service. Of course, we also offer food, clothing, and more. For more information about us and how your gifts are used by our small and thrifty organization, go to our regular Donate page. You can give in any way you prefer (PayPal, credit card, check, Facebook, electronic check). Giving options are outlined in the menu under "Donate."