We are Green and Help reduce, reuse and Recycle! Join IN!

Most Needed Item: Reusable water Bottles! They multiply in your cabinets, and we want them!

Last Updated: 9/4/2019

Calling Families: Fun way to serve at home!

Tuesday food pantry program succeeds and now we need more groceries weekly! Put together and drop-off non-perishable food bags. Click to watch how!

Make Food for Our Clients

You can do with family or friends from your own location anytime. Sign Up for the drop-off day. Frozen breakfast tacos, frozen casseroles or wrapped sandwiches for our fridge. (To work in our facility use our volunteer page.)

DID You know we take these?

Cleaning Supplies -- to give monthly to clients with housing

Small kitchen items -- to help clients with housing get started

Camping Equipment -- clients earn these with volunteer hours

Working Tablets, cell phones and laptops -- clients earn with volunteer hours

Belts -- make ill-fitting pants work

Shoes -- they wear out in a month on the street

Toiletries -- sample sized for backpacks; full-sized (partial OK) for clients with housing

Undies -- all sizes/styles, clean and gently worn or new

Pantry items -- to give for backpack friendly options or in our weekly food bad for clients with a lease

Disposable cups/plates -- we don't use them often but when we do we prefer no-longer-wanted disposables

Excess meeting/party/catering food -- to use in our dropin buffet

Two Drop-off Options

University Area

SYMin Drop-in CenterLoading zone parkingT-F 11-5, T/Th 5-8, Sa 8-10512 553 3796

Northwest Austin

Covenant Presbyterian Church office building entryway3003 Northland Drive (office hours, closed Fri pm, open Sun am)512 554 5231

We need name and email address with each drop-off. We provide email receipts.

Group Drives and Collections

Use our collection schedule in your groups! Recommended for speaking engagement and service project to maximize impact and fun!

Jan: Coats

Feb: Hats & Gloves

Mar: Shoes

Apr: Dog Items

May: Shorts

Jun: Flip flops, bug spray, sun screen

Jul: Water Bottles

Aug: Backpacks

Sep: Pants and shirts

Oct: First Aid and OTC

Nov: Blankets / Sleeping Bags

Dec: Books and Trinkets (Christmas party)


Amazon Smile

Shipping address is at the top of the list. Maintained by Terry.

Maintained by Billy:

Art Supplies

Client Needs


Dollar Tree

Fill this form and we'll send you access to our supply list and current inventory. We use a lot of consumables from here to stretch donor dollars and show clients how to stay in a budget.

We love used items, but sometimes they don't make sense or aren't available.

Wishlists allow those from out of town or who are just awesome bargain hunters help us out!

Ship to Street Youth Ministry, 408 W 23rd Street Basement, Austin TX 78705 ph:512 553 3796

List of Items We Take


  • Canned protein (tuna, chicken, chili, beans, meaty soup)
  • Whole cooked beef roasts, pork roast, turkey or chicken
  • BBQ or fried chicken
  • Raw frozen venison, beef, or turkey to make jerky in our dehydrator
  • Sugar to candy fruit before we dehydrate them or make preserves from donated fruits/vegetables
  • Cold breakfast cereal

Note: We are an active food recovery organization for 10 years. We receive a fresh baked bread, fruits, and vegetables from Keep Austin Fed and Save the Food and Whole Foods.

Fun Stuff

  • Game prizes (sub-$5, new or used, white elephant type of thing!)
  • Books (Bibles, mysteries, sci-fi, fantasy, thrillers), activity books (trivia, coloring, puzzle, crossword)
  • Art supplies (drawing pads, markers, clay, mechanical pencils, oil/chalk pastels)
  • Music supplies ( guitars, cases, strings, picks, individual drums, tambourines)
  • Cards (playing, UNO, role play games)

Hard to find Items

  • Shoes: practical adult shoes, work/military boots
  • Outdoor equipment: backpacks (any kind), tents
  • Hygiene: deodorant, bug spray
  • Clothes: overalls (any kind), athletic/sweat pants, adult jeans, men's and women's underwear (including bras), swimwear
  • Batteries: AA and AAA batteries

Pet Items

  • Dog food (in 3/4-filled gallon ziplock bags) and cat-food (dry or wet)
  • Leashes, harnesses, and collars of all sizes
  • Dog bowls (metal, plastic or collapsing)

Summer Clothes & Items

  • Water bottles, bottled water, sports drinks
  • Bug-spray, sunscreen
  • Shorts, shirts/tops, flip-flops, hats, low-cut socks

Winter Clothes & Supplies

  • Sleeping bags, blankets, long johns, thermals
  • Hats, gloves, scarves, coats, jackets
  • Long pants, long sleeves, sweaters

Hygiene, Health & First Aid Supplies

  • First aid supplies (Band-Aids, tape, gauze, individual OTC pain killers), braces ( knee, hand, foot, back); vitamins, Emergen-C
  • Toiletries (samples and small bottles: lotion, shampoo, conditioner), deodorant, razors (in Ziplock bags of 2), Q-tips (in Ziplock bags of 10)

Not Sure We Need It?

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