Most-needed items: We're running low on sodas and gatorade for hot days. We're also needing baking soda for fridge, garlic powder, minced garlic, garlic salt, cumin, onions, mayonnaise, ketchup, and chicken bouillon. For our client pantry bags, we need shelf-stable milk (oat, almond, rice,) canned food (mixed veggies, corn, green beans, canned beans,) spaghetti sauce. Message us to know what we need. We'll try to find them online. Non-food items needed: Plastic "to go" containers that stack, round baskets from Dollar Tree, dark sharpies, men & women’s underwear, and Sheila Green’s The Roommate Rules from our Amazon list at Last Updated: 5/30/2020

We are huge recyclers. We take so many things. Check out our list. If you have a group, use our collection calendar all year long! Our food recovery network is vast, but we can always use your no-longer-wanted food to serve up great meals. And we have wish lists on Amazon and Dollar Tree to round out what we can't get reliably.

We are making a change to clothing recycling. We need sizes on everything. Dealing with items with no sizes is not fruitful for us. You can write it on indelibly before drop-off. You know the size better than we do! Help us save valuable time and avoid waste in this way!

Wondering how much recyclers and shoppers matter?

Drop-off Location

University Area

SYMin Drop-in CenterLoading zone parkingT-F 11-5, T/Th 5-8, Sa 8-10512 553 3796

We'll ask you to fill a form for each drop-by so our team working remotely can completely our necessary records. We provide email receipts.

Group Drives and Collections

Use our collection schedule in your groups! Recommended for speaking engagement and service project to maximize impact and fun!

Jan: Coats

Feb: Hats & Gloves

Mar: Shoes

Apr: Dog Items

May: Shorts

Jun: Flip flops, bug spray, sun screen

Jul: Water Bottles

Aug: Backpacks

Sep: Pants and shirts

Oct: First Aid and OTC

Nov: Blankets / Sleeping Bags

Dec: Books and Trinkets (Christmas party)

Not Sure We Need It?

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