Food Needs

We Help reduce Waste, Recover Food!

(And we compost)

Most Needed Food Items: Our front line team makes updates daily. Check them out: live public list!

Make Food for Our Clients

You can do with family or friends from your own location anytime. Sign Up for the drop-off day. Frozen breakfast tacos, frozen casseroles or wrapped sandwiches for our fridge. (To work in our facility use our volunteer page.)

For safety, we need name and email address on all food donations please! We provide receipts by email.

Two Drop-off Options:

University Area

SYMin Drop-in CenterLoading zone parkingM-F 12:30-3:30512 553 3796

Northwest Austin

Covenant Presbyterian Church office building entryway3003 Northland Drive (office hours, closed Fri afternoon, open Sun morning)512 554 5231

Perishable food at this location must be placed in our fridge in "Eaton Hall." Ask at reception for access.

Do you know we take these?


  • For our meal prep we seem to always need these:

    • Pasta (any type) in large bulk packages

    • #10 cans of beans, green beans, corn

    • Sugar

    • Ranch Dressing

  • For clients:

    • Canned protein (tuna, chicken, chili, beans, meaty soup)

    • Pasta

    • Cold breakfast cereal (bags or boxes)

    • Shelf-stable milks (cow or vegan)

  • We'll take just about anything unopened from your pantry!


  • Leftovers carefully cared for from meetings, events, catering, and parties

  • Home-baked cookies

  • Butter

  • Whole cooked beef roasts, pork roasts, turkey or chicken.

  • BBQ or fried chicken

  • We can take most unopened items from your fridge, properly cared for.

Note: We are an active food recovery organization for 10 years. We receive fresh baked bread, fruits, and vegetables from Keep Austin Fed, Save the Food, Whole Foods and Wheatsville Co-op!


  • Concentrated frozen Juices

  • Meats, raw or pre-cooked, all sizes

  • Raw frozen venison, beef, or turkey to make jerky in our dehydrator

  • We can take most items from your freezer, properly cared for.

Kitchen Items

  • Disposable paper plates and 8 to 12 oz. cups.

We try to stay away from disposable, but we use them at some events. We'll take what you already have but above is our preference for new purchases. We take already purchased disposable utensils. Don't buy any new for us! We don't use straws.
  • Metal forks and spoons

  • Cleaning supplies you tried but didn't love (even opened is fine)

  • Foil, bags, wraps, parchment. We do a lot of cooking!

  • Dish towels

  • For clients moving into housing:

    • Place settings

    • Pots and pans

    • Working toaster ovens

    • Small working microwaves

Not Sure We Need It?

Text or Call

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(512) 599-9946

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