Recycling Stuff

We are Green and Help reduce, reuse and Recycle! Join IN!

Do you know we take these?

  • Cleaning Supplies -- to give monthly to clients with housing
  • Camping Equipment -- clients earn these with volunteer hours
  • Working Tablets, cell phones and laptops -- clients earn with volunteer hours
  • Belts -- make ill-fitting pants work
  • Shoes -- they wear out in a month on the street
  • Toiletries -- sample sized for backpacks; full-sized (partial OK) for clients with housing
  • Undies -- all sizes/styles, clean and gently worn or new
  • Pantry items, Food disposable serving items, kitchen items -- all covered on our food needs page

Wondering how much recycling matters to us?

Drop-off Location:

University Area

SYMin Drop-in CenterLoading zone parkingM-F 12:30-3:30512 553 3796

We need name and email address with each drop-off. We provide email receipts.

Group Drives and Collections

Use our collection schedule in your groups! Recommended for speaking engagement and service project to maximize impact and fun!

Jan: Coats

Feb: Hats & Gloves

Mar: Shoes

Apr: Dog Items

May: Shorts

Jun: Flip flops, bug spray, sun screen

Jul: Water Bottles

Aug: Backpacks

Sep: Pants and shirts

Oct: First Aid and OTC

Nov: Blankets / Sleeping Bags

Dec: Books and Trinkets (Christmas party)

List of Items We Take

Fun Stuff

  • Game prizes (sub-$5, new or used, white elephant type of thing!)
  • Books (Bibles, mysteries, sci-fi, fantasy, thrillers), activity books (trivia, coloring, puzzle, crossword)
  • Art supplies (drawing pads, markers, clay, mechanical pencils, oil/chalk pastels)
  • Music supplies ( guitars, cases, strings, picks, individual drums, tambourines)
  • Cards (playing, UNO, role play games)

Hard to find Items

  • Shoes: practical adult shoes, work/military boots
  • Outdoor equipment: backpacks (any kind), tents
  • Hygiene: deodorant, bug spray
  • Clothes: overalls (any kind), athletic/sweat pants, adult jeans, men's and women's underwear (including bras), swimwear
  • Batteries: AA and AAA batteries

Pet Items

  • Dog food (in 3/4-filled gallon ziplock bags) and cat-food (dry or wet)
  • Leashes, harnesses, and collars of all sizes
  • Dog bowls (metal, plastic or collapsing)

Summer Clothes & Items

  • Water bottles, bottled water, sports drinks
  • Bug-spray, sunscreen
  • Shorts, shirts/tops, flip-flops, hats, low-cut socks

Winter Clothes & Supplies

  • Sleeping bags, blankets, long johns, thermals
  • Hats, gloves, scarves, coats, jackets
  • Long pants, long sleeves, sweaters

Hygiene, Health & First Aid Supplies

  • First aid supplies (Band-Aids, tape, gauze, individual OTC pain killers), braces ( knee, hand, foot, back); vitamins, Emergen-C
  • Toiletries (samples and small bottles: lotion, shampoo, conditioner), deodorant, razors (in Ziplock bags of 2), Q-tips (in Ziplock bags of 10)

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