Volunteer Wishlist

Reach out to Tondra or Billy by leaving a message with our bot to learn more about these items:

  • We need handi-people! Perfect for a group of regulars on Saturday morning. Amateurs or professionals sent by loving supporters. We have a growing list of things that need doing.
  • Yoga instructor for client relaxation and presence
  • Martial Arts instructor for client relaxation and mental training (no contact or combat training)
  • Performance artists to help with Talent Night or Karaoke Night
  • Better equipment for our Talent Night. We have wireless mics but no stands. We run our sound through a TV soundbar and could use something better. We need someone to take a look at what we have and find something better on a small budget.
  • Two painted food barrels to serve as outdoor trash cans near our facility. Painting could be by your group or you could come in and work with clients to paint them.
  • Someone to work on our data visualizations in Google Sheets. We export the data real-time to show client, volunteer and donor data in an engaging way on our web.
  • Someone to setup and run our Google Ads to attract new prayer warriors, donors, volunteers and in-kind givers.
  • Someone to remove the lock cylinder on our "Sanctuary" door, take it to a home improvement store and have it rekeyed to match other internal doors.
  • Someone to select parts for an upgrade door on our back door: a breakout bar, auto closer, electronic key lock, and auto lock to provide increased safety and security.
  • Someone to hook up a one-way valve in a washing machine drain in our Drop-in. It involves picking PVC fittings to match all the various sizes.
  • Measure for and install Elfa top rails in our Drop-in so we can hang shelves or other items. We have funds for Elfa top rails.
  • Measure for an install Elfa rails and shelving in our food room. We don't yet have a funds for this project.
  • Create a Facebook Frame for SYM for volunteers, clients, and donors.
  • Advertise on our Facebook page for people like our prayer warriors or donors and capture them with a lead form.

Got ideas? We want to hear them. Just reach out to Tondra or Billy by leaving a message with our bot.