Volunteer Wishlist

Reach out to Tondra or Billy by leaving a message with our bot to learn more about these items:

  • We need handi-people! Perfect for a group of regulars on Saturday morning. Amateurs or professionals sent by loving supporters. We have a growing list of things that need doing.
  • Yoga instructor for client relaxation and presence.
  • Martial Arts instructor for client relaxation and mental training (no contact or combat training).
  • Performance artists to help with Talent Night or Karaoke Night.
  • Better equipment for our Talent Night. We have wireless mics but no stands. We run our sound through a TV soundbar and could use something better. We need someone to take a look at what we have and find something better on a small budget.
  • Someone to work on our data visualizations in Google Sheets. We export the data real-time to show client, volunteer and donor data in an engaging way on our web.
  • Someone to setup and run our Google Ads to attract new prayer warriors, donors, volunteers and in-kind givers.
  • Someone to install ethernet cable from our wiring closet to key locations to free up some wireless.
  • Someone to check connection of existing ethernet to our third floor and install Wireless AP.
  • Someone to remove the lock cylinder on our "Sanctuary" door, take it to a home improvement store and have it rekeyed to match other internal doors.
  • Someone to select parts for an upgrade door on our back door: a breakout bar, auto closer, electronic key lock, and auto lock to provide increased safety and security.
  • Someone to hook up a one-way valve in a washing machine drain in our Drop-in. It involves picking PVC fittings to match all the various sizes.
  • Measure for and install Elfa top rails in our Drop-in so we can hang shelves or other items. We have funds for Elfa top rails.
  • Measure for an install Elfa rails and shelving in our food room. We don't yet have a funds for this project.
  • Create a Facebook Frame for SYM for volunteers, clients, and donors.
  • Advertise on our Facebook page for people like our prayer warriors or donors and capture them with a lead form.

Got ideas? We want to hear them. Just reach out to Tondra or Billy by leaving a message with our bot.