We have a growing number of ways to partner with us! Our team has great personal thriving ministries with homeless young adults all over the country. We have physical resources in Austin, we have a help line clients from anywhere can call, and we have online groups they can join for support and guidance from anywhere by phone or video. You can help, too, as a partner in many ways that go beyond traditional volunteering and giving.

Clothing and Toiletries IN Austin

If you are an Austin case worker or individual who already partners with us, you can register and request clothing bags including toiletries by specific gender and size for pickup at our facility. These are customized per your needs as best we can. Pickup by case worker only. More than 30 individuals are doing this already since we launched it in Spring 2021!

Guide Our Outreach

If you see homeless young adults that you believe are 28 or younger or know young adults at risk of becoming homeless, let us know. We're not asking for specific names or anything. Just let us know where you saw them and information that will help us and our community advocates reach them.

Become an Advocate Anywhere

We have an advocate pilot project starting Fall 2021. To begin, you must tell us about homeless youth in your community using the link above at least 3 times. Following that, you can sign up to become an advocate. We will guide you through a process. We provide a micro-loan for your first outreach supplies provided you follow our steps. You will need two accountability or prayer partners, at least one person to go with you, willingness to share stories and prayer requests to our team. We will supply tips and resource cards. Begin by reporting young adults in your area at least three times and then click the form to explore our advocacy pilot program! This is a perfect way for former volunteers, former clients and many others to begin helping us reach homeless young adults in many cities and towns.