Street Youth Ministry is working on a beautification project around the UT campus, near our Drop-In center, that will culminate in a memorial art installation. This project is open to all youth who have lost loved ones or experienced other loss during the pandemic. Our young homeless clients will be involved but we encourage anyone - from anywhere - to be a part of this!

Our first installation will use digital scans to make collages. We are also planning to use shellac techniques to paste the digital artwork onto the UT sidewalk where ~30,000 people walk every day. Participation welcome, first by submitting your art digitally and then by helping with public art installations.


Join us in memorializing those who have lost their lives amid COVID-19. Round up a group of friends, family, or just yourself. Email us a picture of your artwork to be included in our project, with a subject header β€œArt for Memorial Project” to

We are focused on featuring youth and young adult but all ages can contribute.


This memorial project is an opportunity for our clients and for any youth, to express their loss through the beauty of art. It is important to recognize the hardships that we have all experienced and to have an outlet amongst a supportive community. Through this project, it is our hope that we can create an art installation that strengthens our community and will instill hope for a brighter future for our youth.


We are still in need of support to make this project a reality! Please reach out if you are able to help with any of the below via email at

    • Local leaders to marshal the artistic, planning, scheduling and marketing aspects of the project.

    • Purchase of a pallet of Colorado flat rock (4-8 inches) for the prayer garden. Whittlesey landscaping carries these @$1,200/pallet. If individuals want to give a lesser amount toward this purchase, it would be appreciated, or we are open to other concepts from a creative team.

    • Purchase of latex paint in black, white, and various colors for rock painting.

    • Purchase of shellac or varnish for attaching paper to rocks.

    • Purchase of multi-colored and metallic paint pens for rock painting.

    • Purchasing pansies and snapdragons for large planters on the sidewalk of Drop-In center, which are sustainable and will beautify the neighborhood.

    • Textile artists can knit or sew β€œsweater cozies” for the large planters in front of the drop-in. Inspired by β€œknit bombing” outdoor art. Be creative! Adopt one as a family or do it together with your small group from church.

    • Artists can create a β€œtree-hugger” installation on our big tree - colorful sweaters or shirts sewn together with arms wrapping around the trunk. This supports our message that we can get through this if we stick together.

    • Artists to propose ideas! Shall we have participants submit a decorated rock (with photos of their lost loved ones)? Rocks could be placed down a sidewalk so people can walk, take in the artwork, and remember. Other ideas welcomed!

This project falls within our public awareness scope, but if you would like to help find the material cost of this project, use the button below and make a note that it is for the memorial art project.