Volunteering Suspended On-Site

We are still serving about 25 clients per day.

We want to hear from you as a volunteer to know you are safe during Covid-19. Call your home team at 512 553 3796 to check in!

We have a few errands people can run. Contact our home team for details by calling 512 553 3796.

During this time, we need additional prayer team members. Use the form at right to join our lists so we can inform you how to help when the time is right.

Easy to Get Involved

In a typical shift, volunteers work alongside staff about an hour with clients and about an hour behind the scenes. It's simple things like listening, sorting, arranging, and cleaning.

Volunteers must do one online training prior to each of their first four visits. We don't do background checks. There is no waiting, so it's all in your hands.

Already done all the orientations? (Course 1️⃣ Course 2️⃣ Course 3️⃣) Congrats! You're a "pro!" Click for how to restart simply!

Been a while? Check here to get started again.

Wondering how much volunteers matter? Check our information for our volunteers here!

Event Schedule

Volunteers needed for all events Mon-Sat in 2 hour shifts starting January 8!

Morning: 9am M-F.

Evening: Tu/We/Th!

Weekend: Sa 8-10am.

Volunteer shifts include the hour before or after most events.

Here's our typical week:

Our calendar of upcoming events:

Drop-in Co-op Center

Call us if lost: 512 553 3796

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Want to check us out before your volunteer?

You can book a 30 minutes tour. Times available through the week, evening and weekend. Tondra encourages community volunteers to sign up for a tour on Friday.

Not convinced yet? Let us help you by getting you more information: