At SYMin, our volunteers are an essential part of our community. Clients look forward to seeing you. Staff is tremendously helped by you. We wouldn't be SYMin without you! 

There are lots of different ways to serve with SYMin. We ask that you take a look through our various opportunities and find one that fits your interest and needs. ALL FIRST TIME VOLUNTEERS MUST THEN COMPLETE AN EXPRESSION OF INTEREST FORM AND FOLLOW THE BELOW INSTRUCTIONS. 

First-Time Volunteer?

For all volunteers who wish to join us on-site or on our outreaches, we require an application process as follows: 

Step 1: The first step in our volunteer process is to look through our many opportunities and express interest in your favorites using our form below. 

Step 2: After you express interest, we will send you an application to volunteer via email. All applicants must be vaccinated for COVID-19 and are required to include a photo of their vaccine card in the application.

Step 3: After you have submitted your application, please choose three trial shifts above. These trial shifts allow you to experience our community and processes. After these trial shifts, you can decide to sign up for recurring shifts. 

Step 4: You will select your reoccurring shifts and begin using our returning volunteer self service tool. 

Please Note:

We need volunteers who can commit to a regularly scheduled shift and who will engage and build relationship with our clients over time.

If you are looking for an opportunity to volunteer, but don't have a lot of time to commit to our on-site or outreach positions, please check out our option of helping meet clients physical needs! 

***Note: Volunteers who desire to work on site or on outreaches who do not follow this application process will not be accepted. If you show up to our site without an application, you will be turned away. Any signups online prior to a submitted application will be deleted. 


Contact us to book an in-person tour of our facility. Times are set so that you get a good taste of what are services are like, can meet some of our amazing clients and get dedicated attention from a staff member who will answer any questions you have! 

Drop-by Center

Call if lost at 512-553-3796

"Can you See Me?" reporting

The Can You See Me reporting tool allows our team of 1000+ trained volunteers from the last decade to help us know where homeless youth are located all over the country. It's the beginning of a collaborator network that will cover the country! It's a bold vision, but we can do this together!