Winter 2020 Volunteering

What We Need

We are not having scheduled volunteers working indoors at our small facility. We have three main volunteer opportunities. One is virtual volunteerism. Another is "theme work" where you help us with preparations and holding our weekly theme weeks. And the final is to join us as an online event helper. To maximize the impact, we strongly suggest you choose one option since virtual volunteerism takes a little getting used to. If you volunteered with us in the past, you know how much volunteers have helped us and what an impact you can make on clients lives. We terribly miss our army of indoor volunteers but you can still have a great impact on our clients.

If you're interested in volunteering, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page!

Virtual Volunteerism

Sample duties include making Canva graphics for us to use, creating learn and earn Google forms, updating content on our web, helping with responses or posting on social media, helping coordinate the virtual volunteers, consumer research, and phone calls. Virtual volunteers are not likely to have any contact with clients, but must report any contact with clients immediately to We have a few errands in this category as well. Virtual tasks are listed in Virtual Volunteer Center. You'll get access to this document after you apply and are accepted.

Virtual volunteers commit to

  • Work weekly at least one hour
  • Complete work promptly
  • Communicate through a Quip chat and share document
  • Record all hours in Quip promptly

We have a limited amount of bandwidth to work with our virtual volunteers. Those unable to contribute for two weeks in a row may be removed and others added from a waiting list.

Online Event Helpers

Online Event Helpers:

We need two helpers for each of the following events. Repeat volunteers are preferred. A volunteer must agree to personal boundaries and confidentiality to participate.

  • Tuesday 1pm Men's Support Group
  • Tuesday 6pm Game Night
  • Wednesday 6pm Talent Night

Each event is held by Zoom. Interaction with clients and SYMin host is expected. No offers of assistance are permitted and no contact information or outside contact with clients is permitted. Any contact outside SYMin must be reported immediately to Boundary issues may likely result in immediately removal from the group. What happens in our groups may not be discussed with others. Online opportunity assignments are listed in SYM In-line Group Helpers. You'll get access after you apply abs are accepted.

Online Event helpers are expected to:

  • Focus on one group and attend at least 4 groups this winter.
  • Contribute to discussion or activities and occasionally make supportive comments with clients during the event
  • Men's Support Group volunteers must identify as male.

We have a limited amount of bandwidth to work on our online events. Those unable to contribute for two weeks in a row may be removed to make room for those on a waiting list.

Theme Work

Every other week, we offer a theme week that ties our virtual events and drop by activities together. Theme week includes outdoor safe events across a table twice a week to help with engagement. Examples include fashion week, back-to-school week, and gratitude week. Our amazing team needs help brainstorming future events and tangible help gathering supplies and doing drives for needed supplies. We launch the event on Monday with an outdoor activity 12-4 and follow up with another outdoor activity on Wednesday 12-4. Those volunteers who feel comfortable can participate in the outdoor event. We are not able to provide access to our indoor facility however. Occasionally, we have volunteer work for two people that can be performed upstairs isolated from everyone else. Theme volunteers often choose to focus on one or two themes and often involve their friends or a group. Themes are listed in SYMin Biweekly Theme Work Volunteer Center. You'll get access after you apply and are accepted.

Theme workers are expected to:

  • Focus on one or two theme weeks
  • Contribute to idea generation, supply gathering, and executing our theme weeks using a Quip document.
  • Recruit friends and groups if necessary.
  • Record all hours and in-kind donations in Quip promptly.

We have a limited amount of bandwidth to work on our themes. Those unable to contribute for two weeks in a row may be removed to make room for others on the waiting list.