San Marcos

We are looking for a San Marcos intern, church partners, and volunteers! Contact us a

SYM in San Marcos!

SYM does outreach every Friday in San Marcos. We started in March 2019!


  • 4:30pm Library and skateboard park
  • 5pm: Southside Community Center Meal
  • 5:45pm: Southside Community Center Parking Lot (group)
  • 6pm: The Falls

You can use our Facebook page to message us if you are wondering where we are.

Clients Resources

  • We normally have toiletries, clothing, nonperishable food.
  • You can usually get a ride to Southside for a meal at 5 if you meet us at the library or skate park. The library has Wifi and even free paperbacks.
  • Southside Community Center has a great meal M-F at 5pm. We're there on Friday. If you desire, you can shower in the adjacent shelter. They also have laundry facilities you can ask about. Southside has a resource list you can request. We can provide glasses vouchers in partnership with Southside.
  • After the meal, we gather in the parking lot or the nearby picnic table for one-on-one guidance counseling, prayer, and/or peer support.
  • Generally, we will check out the Falls after the group time and can drop you other locations within San Marcos at 6:30 or so.

Partnering with Southside Community Center!


We love to have groups or individuals helps us out. The first week we suggest meeting us at Southside Community Center at 5. After your first time, you can text us and meet us earlier. Register with the button below and choose a shift!