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Phone: 512 553 3796. Use 9 for staff directory or just leave a message. Use can text this number, too.
Mailing and Shipping: Street Youth Ministry, 408 W 23rd St Basement, Austin TX 78705
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We were founded in 2008 by Terry Cole and became an independent Texas non-profit in 2014. We began our first event, a street outreach every Friday, in 2008. We added a Bible study every Tuesday in 2009. We added prayer time every Monday in 2010. Since then, we continued to add regular events that provide safety and encouragement for our clients up until 2016, when we operated 11 events weekly for our client.

All the while, we were partners beside Lifeworks Street Outreach. We have been in their facilities daily since 2008, helping with their dropin center, meals, and advocacy program! In October 2015, funding at Lifeworks for the dropin center was lost. At that time, we made a challenging decision to step up and keep the doors of the dropin open, even though we ourselves don't yet have funding in place to do so. On Jan 6, 2017, our dropin cooperative opened it's doors for the first time. We have combined our original events and the dropin center into a new, healthy and challenging environment for our clients to continue their journey to their life goals. By adding the name cooperative to the drop-in center, we signify and commit to be in partnership with our clients in new and even closer ways.


Our mission is to know, love and serve street-dependent young people so many may come to know Christ through the witnessing community formed.

On average, we meet between 4 and 5 new clients every week! Our clients are very diverse.

Client Goals

We pray for four goals for every client: more stability, more sobriety, reconnection with God, and finding a faith home. Our clients constantly set and work toward personal goals with our guidance. 

On average, clients attain 12 new goals every week!


We divide our services into four measurable programs as shown below. More information about our programs and results can be found from Annual Reports on our donor information page.

Client Services

Our largest program by far is our direct-services client program serving more than 600 unique individuals annually.

More time spent with clients is the number one leading indicator that they will achieve personal goals!

Volunteer Services

We have a very active volunteer program, with more than 800 unique volunteers per year contributing more than 2000 hours and donating more than $80,000 in-kind goods per year. We believe that inviting our volunteers into ministry with us is crucial.

Public Awareness Raising

We raise awareness of the existence, challenges and solutions to street-dependency among young people by our newsletter, our blogging activities, and frequent public speaking by our staff members.

Use this form to request a speaker.

Privacy Statement: With regard to our public awareness raising and newsletters, we do not share, rent or sell your contact information.

Internship and Leadership Programs

We invest in our staff and our interns. Our internship and Associate Missionary positions build significant leadership capability for future leaders of urban poverty-informed ministries. You can apply for internships at

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We have a great staff to interact. Our employment is listed on Follow us there if you'd like to join our great team one day!


You can read about our board on our donor information page.