To know, love and serve street-dependent youth. 

Serving homeless youth with practical resources and guidance counseling. 

Open for normal hours

We are open for normal hours at our West Campus location. After the Thanksgiving holiday, we are open at 408 W. 23rd Street.   

Clients: Join us at the Drop-in for groups and the Sunshine Store and on outreaches at our normal times and locations. The weekly schedule is listed above. 

In-kind donors and volunteers: Drop off is as normal at 408 W. 23rd Street between 11:30-3:30pm Monday-Friday. Look for the backdoor with our logo painted on it and ring the door bell. A team member will come to assist you.

Giving Tuesday

Help us reach our end-of-year fundraising goals by donating on #GivingTuesday. 

Giving Tuesday is a world-wide day of generosity on Nov. 28. Join us in our mission to know, love and serve street-dependent youth on this special day of giving!  

(flexible helper or regular times)

Support our End-of-Year Fundraiser

It's been a great year but our expenses are rising due to increased services and a pending move (since our building will no longer be available sometime next year). Donations of any size help us to continue to provide stable and supportive services to our clients. 

Street Youth Ministry's connect portal 

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On our Netflix style portal, browse ways to learn more about youth homelessness, serve our clients regularly and reuse or give resources.

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Hundreds of families—inspired by our clients and amazed by our team—are our primary support, backed by community churches and grant-makers. 

Join us! Give at any of the methods by clicking on the icons.

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Volunteer as a family or group: Make 24 outreach food bags!


Tour our Facility! See first-hand where we operate and meet some of our amazing clients!


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Are We Effective?

The total amount of clients that engage with us changes and varies over time. But once they engage by hanging out (roughly 40 hours) and talking with staff or in groups (at least ten times) they are much more likely to experience life change! 

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Call our Help Line

(512) 553-3796

Our 24/7 Help Line is available for all questions. 

Are you a homeless youth looking for resources? A volunteer or in-kind donor unsure of where our entrance is located? A monetary supporter with a question? A local advocate looking to pick up supplies for your clients? Call now.