We need volunteers to help serve homeless youth at our Game Nights and other fun activites!
We need volunteers to help us connect with new homeless youth on our outreaches.
We need volunteers to help us by providing supplies for our outreaches and events.

Looking to volunteer at street youth ministry?

There are lots of opportunities to volunteer at Street Youth Ministry. We need help in many different ways. 

At SYMin, our volunteers are an essential part of our community. Our young adult, street-dependent clients look forward to seeing you. Our staff is tremendously helped by you. We wouldn't be SYMin without you!

Note that we have moved to a new location.

Driving and parking so much simpler now. 

Only 20 minutes north of our previous location via bus 803. 

Want to help us to connect to new homeless youth on the streets? We need your help on our outreaches. 

Want to help us in our Drop-in Center? We need your help organizing the Sunshine Store and engaging clients. New location!

Interested in volunteering but not sure?

"Can You See Me" Reporting Tool

The Can You See Me reporting tool allows our team of 1000+ trained volunteers from the last decade to help us know where homeless youth are located all over the country. It's the beginning of a collaborator network that will cover the country! It's a bold vision, but we can do this together!