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Welcome! We are a ministry of about seven full and part-time staff members who work with homeless young adults through age 28. 

We invite clients to join us at our drop-in center to access all sorts of practical help such as food, clothing, and self-care products, but the most important thing we provide is personalized and accepting guidance counseling. 

Clients are helped to envision, then build a brighter future and learn the skills that equip them to set and achieve goals -- find housing, re-enter the workforce and recover from substance abuse. We have found that clients who engage deeply in  guidance perform two to four times better than clients who do not. 

Our motto is "to know, love and serve." We are equipped to handle the difficulties of bad days and the challenges that young adults face. With guidance and some extra time, almost all our clients find their way!  

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Are We Effective?

The total amount of clients that engage with us changes and varies over time. But once they engage by hanging out (roughly 40 hours) and talking with staff or in groups (at least ten times) they are much more likely to experience life change!