Street Youth Ministry

#GivingTuesday Update!

We are delighted with the results of giving. 29 supporters and families donated $5,297 in 24 hours. Thanks go to each and every supporter for this amazing blessing!

Check out our End of Year Funraiser tracking page as we work through December to break even for services already provided this year.

Fall/Winter 2022 Service Changes!

  • Daytime:

    • Learning Center: Open Monday and Wednesday for shower, comptuer lab, and group. Groups are also offered virually on Zoom (audio only or video). Check our Calendar for specific times and topics.

    • Central Library Outreach and Groups: Tuesday and Thursday. Group is also simultaneously offered at our Learning Center and by Zoom. Check our Calendar for specific times and topics.

    • Event Center: Friday Fun Day gives clients as relaxed environment to access shower followed by movies or video. Participants access the Sunshine Store as well. Check our Calendar for specific times or other special events like Friday Fun Day!

  • Evening:

    • Game Night: Monday. Participants can also access the Sunshine Store. This event is not offered by Zoom. Participants access the Sunshine Store as well. Check our Calendar for specifics.

    • Talent Night: Thursday. Participants share a song, poem, joke, dance or other talent in two rounds of open mic. This event is also offered by Zoom. Participants access the Sunshine Store as well. Check our Calendar for specifics.

  • Volunteers Monday to Friday:

    • An increased number of vaccinated volunteer opportunities are available 11:30-4pm. See our volunteer page to apply.

    • Evening Volunteering available Monday and Thursday at 5pm. See our volunteer page to apply.

  • Donation Drop-off 12:30-3:30 M-F. Please be patient if we are stretched thin with new operations. Check our needs page for details.

News for supports and friends!

Always improving with your feedback and suggestions!

Street Stories have a new print format. They inform and inspire and are intended for everyone. No spam here. Our clients are amazing. Get yours street stories!

Announcing volunteer positions for helpers at our center and for outreach!


NEW for National Homeless Month: Help as a family or group: Make 24 outreach food bags!


Tours are Back! For those who want to see what we do in person!


Committed to a fair and diverse hiring process! Read our job opening to join our amazing team:

24/7: Help Line available for clients, volunteers, in-kind donors, and supporters. Also text.

Austin Location

We're an outreach center for homeless young adults.

We provide access to donated food, clothing, and gear,

but what we really do is guidance counseling!

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§ Potential client?

We welcome people through age 28 to call or text our Help Line 24x7. We answer and will connect you with answers as soon as we can. Our drop-by center is open M-F 12-4 with hot food at the gate, clothing, toiletries, books, crafts and food bags.

We have lots of things to give away, but our best product” is a listening ear and guidance.We offer groups virtually to all clients across the country abs in person groups in Austin. Call and see how we can help and how you can be a part of our community. You are NOT alone.

Give us a chance. We serve 150 people every month who have learned to trust us and find our approach inspiring, empowering and refreshing!

(Click the expandable headings as you explore how we can work with YOU!)

πŸ™‹ Potential volunteer?

We have options to volunteer from home available every day now. Contact our team Monday -Friday from 9:00 am-5:00 pm by phone to see if our Virtual Volunteer team can work for you.

Give us a chance. We'd love to earn your trust and make every engagement something that brings you inspiration, unleashes your fuller capabilities, and encourages you by our fresh approach!

πŸ™‹ Recycler or shopper?

We take all sorts of things and give them a second life helping people! Food, clothing, toiletries, cleaning supplies. And we have lists for you shoppers out there, offering ways to help us when you are out and and by Amazon. We have two convenient drop-off locations and you can ship directly to us as.

Give us a chance. You'll find it uplifting to redirect the flow of no-longer wanted items to us. You'll be helping to empower young adults to find their path in life. We'll use your items in new ways that builds up our clients every day!

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§ Potential donor?

We welcome new donors. Regular donors are such a blessing. We have more than 350 families that support SYM and make this valuable, unique and challenging work possible! We receive support from several churches and businesses as well.

Give us a chance. We serve 80 or so people every week who have learned to trust us. We will earn your trust, too, and help you have a front row seat as we inspire, empower and put our fresh approach to work!

Are We Effective?

How many people engage changes over time and varies as we meet new people. But once they engage by hanging out (forty hours) and talking (ten times), they are likely to be changing their life. Until they do, it goes much more slowly.

πŸ“° With the press?

We understand your deadlines and needs. We will help. We are experts in youth homelessness, helping with substance abuse, mental health, managing volunteers, recycling and reusing, food recovery, and use of technology for nonprofits. Call on us!

Email us:

β›ͺ With a Church?

We actively seek partnerships. We have a prayer team to engage your members. We can speak to groups. We encourage in-kind donation drives. And we would be please to apply to your outreach or mission committee for support.

Email us:

πŸ›’ With a business?

We are active recyclers and can receive your overstocks and damaged goods. We have a empowering way to give new merchandise to clients so we love items you can donate. We can provide service projects for your small teams. We try to be very good neighbors and many businesses to send donations.

Email us:

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