Our Valentine's Day Fundraiser and Rose Delivery was a big success! We delivered 75 roses to homeless young adults and workers with the simple message, "You are loved!" We raised just over $1000 for guidance counseling! Thanks you! We'll try to do something like that again for Mother's Day, another challenging street youth holiday we can brighten.

I learned this phrase 30 years ago from my friend, Suresh. Keep breaking the problem down and solving parts of it. Each step likely presents new problems, but you'll find a solution as you keep at it. -- Terry Cole

We're a day center for homeless young adults.

We provide access to donated food, clothing, and gear,

but what we really do is guidance counseling!

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§ Potential client?

We welcome people through age 28 at our day center who homeless now, at risk of homelessness, or enrolled in a program to end homelessness. Come by and see how we can help!

Give us a chance. We serve 80 or so people every week who have learned to trust us and find our approach inspiring, empowering and refreshing!

(Click the expandable headings as you explore how we can work with YOU!)

πŸ™‹ Potential volunteer?

We welcome people to spend time with our clients and to help behind the scenes at our facility. Our onboarding process is based on three videos and surveys. You can get started anytime!

Our online orientation courses and registration makes it easy!

Give us a chance. We'd love to earn your trust and make every engagement something that brings you inspiration, unleashes your fuller capabilities, and encourages you by our fresh approach!

πŸ™‹ Recycler or shopper?

We take all sorts of things and give them a second life helping people! Food, clothing, toiletries, cleaning supplies. And we have lists for you shoppers out there, offering ways to help us when you are out and and by Amazon. We have two convenient drop-off locations and you can ship directly to us as.

Give us a chance. You'll find it uplifting to redirect the flow of no-longer wanted items to us. You'll be helping to empower young adults to find their path in life. We'll use your items in new ways that builds up our clients every day!

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§ Potential donor?

We welcome new donors. Regular donors are such a blessing. We have more than 250 families that support SYM and make this valuable, unique and challenging work possible! We receive support from several churches and businesses as well.

Give us a chance. We serve 80 or so people every week who have learned to trust us. We will earn your trust, too, and help you have a front row seat as we inspire, empower and put our fresh approach to work!

Are We Effective?

How many people engage changes over time and varies as we meet new people. But once they engage by hanging out (forty hours) and talking (ten times), they are likely to be changing their life. Until they do, it goes much more slowly.

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πŸ“° With the press?

We understand your deadlines and needs. We will help. We are experts in youth homelessness, helping with substance abuse, mental health, managing volunteers, recycling and reusing, food recovery, and use of technology for nonprofits. Call on us!

Email us: press@StreetYouthMinistry.org

β›ͺ With a Church?

We actively seek partnerships. We have a prayer team to engage your members. We can speak to groups. We encourage in-kind donation drives. And we are happy to apply to your outreach or mission committee for funding.

Email us: partner@StreetYouthMinistry.org

πŸ›’ With a business?

We are active recyclers and can receive your overstocks and damaged goods. We have a empowering way to give new merchandise to clients so we love items you can donate. We can provide service projects for your small teams. We try to be very good neighbors and many businesses to send donations.

Email us: partner@StreetYouthMinistry.org

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