Serving homeless youth with practical resources and guidance counseling. 

Find us at our new location 2008 Justin Lane, Austin, TX

Donors: Our new mailing address is also different from our physical address! It is 7421 Burnet Rd #264, Austin, TX 78757.

To know, love and serve street-dependent youth. 

our June 30
Fundraising Results

SYMin is a place where all young adults who have or are experiencing homelessness can be seen for who they truly are and not be defined by what they lack. Real people support this important work one gift at a time!

Initial accounting results say 219 people participated in giving through all means. We'll see if break-even was achieved...

Never too late to support our awe-inspiring clients and amazing team. Our next break-even point will be Dec 31, 2024.

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Are We Effective?

The total  number of clients who engage with us varies over time. But once they engage by hanging out (roughly 40 hours) and talking with staff or in groups (at least 10 times) they are much more likely to experience life change! 

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