Street Youth Ministry

Giving to our end-of-planning-year fundraiser was awesome. We didn't quite make our goal. Thank you to those who gave so generously! It matters. Serving through Covid-19 has increased our costs. But we have not stopped serving a single day and clients continue to reorient their lives. Please help if you can.

Call our home team M-F 9-5 at 512 553-3796. Clients, volunteers, in-kind donors, supporters -- We want to hear from you!

Client drop-by services available 12-4pm M-F at our gate. Hot food, food bags, clothing, supplies, guidance counseling outside.

In-kind donations received M-F 12:30-3:30pm at our back door.

We are unable to host volunteers in our facility. Check out our Volunteer Info for how to help from home.

We are updating our needs list constantly.

During Covid-19, we are generating more prayer requests than ever before! Join our prayer team at right.

And finally, we have loyal financial supporters, but our costs are increasing during Covid-19. Give if you can!

I learned this over the years. Everybody has bad things happen. Some more than others. But they have less impact if we fill our life jars to the brim with good people, good habits and good things. -- Terry Cole

We're an outreach center for homeless young adults.

We provide access to donated food, clothing, and gear,

but what we really do is guidance counseling!

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§ Potential client?

We welcome people through age 28 to call our Home Team M-F 9-5. We're here to help direct you. Our drop-by center is open M-F 12-4 with hot food at the gate, clothing, toiletries, books, crafts and food bags. We no longer are able to offer indoor groups or visits because of the pandemic. Call and see how we can help!

Give us a chance. We serve 150 people every month who have learned to trust us and find our approach inspiring, empowering and refreshing!

(Click the expandable headings as you explore how we can work with YOU!)

πŸ™‹ Potential volunteer?

We have options to volunteer from home available every day now. Contact our home team M-F 9-5 by phone to see if our Virtual Volunteer team can work for you.

In-person volunteering has been halted due to the pandemic. It's just not yet time for groups gathering (which is what our small facility looks like with staff, volunteers and clients). Join our family and select volunteering as an interest to stay informed.

Many of our volunteers are now setting aside a small donation to help with additional labor costs from the pandemic, since they can't help in person. Here's the volunteer giving campaign.

Give us a chance. We'd love to earn your trust and make every engagement something that brings you inspiration, unleashes your fuller capabilities, and encourages you by our fresh approach!

πŸ™‹ Recycler or shopper?

We take all sorts of things and give them a second life helping people! Food, clothing, toiletries, cleaning supplies. And we have lists for you shoppers out there, offering ways to help us when you are out and and by Amazon. We have two convenient drop-off locations and you can ship directly to us as.

Give us a chance. You'll find it uplifting to redirect the flow of no-longer wanted items to us. You'll be helping to empower young adults to find their path in life. We'll use your items in new ways that builds up our clients every day!

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§ Potential donor?

We welcome new donors. Regular donors are such a blessing. We have more than 350 families that support SYM and make this valuable, unique and challenging work possible! We receive support from several churches and businesses as well.

Give us a chance. We serve 80 or so people every week who have learned to trust us. We will earn your trust, too, and help you have a front row seat as we inspire, empower and put our fresh approach to work!

Are We Effective?

How many people engage changes over time and varies as we meet new people. But once they engage by hanging out (forty hours) and talking (ten times), they are likely to be changing their life. Until they do, it goes much more slowly.

Get info you need right now, subscribe to newsletters or leave a message

by calling or texting our 24-hour info bot:

(512) 599-9946

You can talk to it in natural language, but try these keywords: hours, location, newsletter, prayer team, volunteer, orientation, leave a message and much more!

πŸ“° With the press?

We understand your deadlines and needs. We will help. We are experts in youth homelessness, helping with substance abuse, mental health, managing volunteers, recycling and reusing, food recovery, and use of technology for nonprofits. Call on us!

Email us:

β›ͺ With a Church?

We actively seek partnerships. We have a prayer team to engage your members. We can speak to groups. We encourage in-kind donation drives. And we would be please to apply to your outreach or mission committee for support.

Email us:

πŸ›’ With a business?

We are active recyclers and can receive your overstocks and damaged goods. We have a empowering way to give new merchandise to clients so we love items you can donate. We can provide service projects for your small teams. We try to be very good neighbors and many businesses to send donations.

Email us:

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Street Youth Ministry

408 W 23rd Street Basement, Austin TX 78705

Directly across 23rd Street from UT Co-op Food Court; loading zone right in front on 23rd street; enter downstairs through metal gate or ring doorbell on alley door if gate not open.