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Street Youth Ministry, 408 W 23rd Street Basement, Austin TX 78705.

EIN: 46-1449556 for corporate matching.

IRS approved 501(c)(3).

Email receipts are issued as soon as possible, and end of year itemized receipts for tax purposes are sent out in January.

Where does it go? We use your general funds to pay rent on our drop-in center (3000/month), pay dedicated and caring staff who provide critically needed guidance counseling, manage our volunteers, manage an amazing quantity of in-kind donations so they can go to our clients, and more. We are small but mighty.
In 2018, 74% of your donations went to client programs. On average, we spent $593 per unique client served in 2018. Your gift of $21 allow us to deliver an hour of guidance counseling to a homeless young adult.
We invested 8% of your funds to manage our wonderful volunteers, who saved us with the equivalent of 3 full-time employees and brought us $127,000 of in-kind donations. We spend $2.52 per volunteer hour and $12.21 for every $100 in-kind donated food or material in managing the material flow.
We spend 7% of funds raising awareness of the need for services like ours for homeless youth. We invested 4% of your giving in training future leaders through our internship program. We spent 3% on overhead and 4% on raising funds. Fundraising costs are $3.84 for every $100 raised.
You can see our impact statement in our Form 990 on Guidestar or request our Annual Report from our About Us page.