San Marcos

We are looking for Church partners, and volunteers! Contact us at We have a locking storage location for donation drop-off. Text us for info 512 553 3796. We are seeking a room with an outside door for meetings on Friday afternoons at 5 or 6.

Our complete service listing is at

SYM in San Marcos!

SYM does outreach every Friday in San Marcos. We started in March 2019!


  • We meet at about 4:20pm - 6pm (sometimes being extended much later).

    • 4:20 at skate party outside library

    • 4:30 scan library

    • 5:00 Southside Community Center parking lot.

    • Afterwards, we usually try to reach out to and meet with other clients throughout the city of San Marcos and can give clients a ride to a San Marcos destination.

Clients Resources

  • We bring food each week since the Community Center meals are closed and a little limited.

  • We also have toiletries, clothing, hot meals prepared from love, and non-perishable food.

  • Text us in advance for special resources like backpacks, tents, towels, etc.