Meet the Team

Terry Cole, Missionary & Founder

Terry is a commissioned missionary of Covenant Presbyterian Church. He was baptized at age 13 by Calvary Baptist Church, Borger, Texas. He joined Covenant Presbyterian Church in 1999. Terry was an intern at Lifeworks Street Outreach for one year. Prior to ministry, Terry worked as an electrical engineer for 25 years. Most notably Terry edited international standards for Wi-Fi and ADSL. Terry began serving the street-dependent youth in 2003 and left high tech for this calling in 2008.

Suzanne Zucca, Guidance Counselor and Groups Coordinator

Suzanne joins us after graduating Bible college and has a degree from UT in English. She is an experienced worship leader. She and her husband, Nic, have two grown daughters. She loves writing, reading, cooking, swimming, and preaching the gospel. Her favorite thing is loving those in front of her, praying, calling believers into who they are in Christ, and inviting those who don’t yet know Him to join the family of God.

Joined in August 2018

Yolanda Ezqueda, Guidance Counselor and Drop-In Coordinator

Born in Mexico, Spanish teacher until 2001, she moved to California to raise her kids and then to NY and get a degree in Business. She moved to Texas in 2015. She loves music, movies and travel. Her passion is cooking and feeding with love for her family and friends.

Joined in October 2019

Tondra Daily, Drop-In Worker and Community Engagement

Tondra Daily, Drop-In Worker and Community Engagement

Tondra Daily is a budding entrepreneur and was a SYM client many years ago. Tondra loves art and animals and is a passionate Christ-follower.

Tondra joined us in October 2018. She transitioned in May 2019 to being a member of our Community Engagement Team

Alan Richard, Drop-in Worker

33 years old, my hobbies are mostly art and sports based. I feel that helping to give back to where I came from brings a lot of joy.

Joined in Sept 2020

Rosie Cole

Rosie is our counseling animal. She loves working with our clients. She is always up for showing our clients unconditional love. She never tires of receiving pets or sitting in laps. She is a registered Maltese. She's non-allergenic and doesn't shed and is welcomed by most of our church partners!

Joined 2010

Matt Armentrout

Client Entrepreneur Intern

30 years old. My hobbies are gaming, rope dart, and watching anime. I want to have a career as a metalsmith one day.

Joined in August 2021

Curtis Hubert

Client Entrepreneur Intern

29 years old. Has worked in security, home health, and is exploring the possibility of becoming a youth pastor one day.

Joined in October 2021