Mid-year Fundraiser

Thank you to all of our amazing donors who gave to our End-of-Planning-Year Fundraiser.Β 

Your donations make a huge difference in the lives of our clients! You help create opportunities for their growth, healing and joy! We consider this fundraiser a big success!Β 

Unfortunately, ​​​​despite trying to control costs for the last three months leading up to June 30, we were not able to break even for the previous fiscal year. We fell roughly $30,000 short and dipped into our rainy day fund β€” which we would rather use to cover the impeding costs of a new facility.Β 

Our goal is to continue to find new donors and strengthen our base to make a further impact before December 31.Β 

Yes, I want to help with This Community-centered Ministry!

Our most valuable product is guidance counseling. Most of your gift goes to pay for this life-changing service. Of course, we also offer food, clothing, and more. For more information about us and how your gifts are used by our small and thrifty organization, go to our regular Donate page. You can give in any way you prefer (Paypal, Venmo, Credit Card, Check, Facebook, Electronic Check). Giving options are outlined in the menu under "Donate."