Mid-year Fundraiser

The time is now for our end-of-planning-year fundraiser!Β  This is a time to make sure our team can stay focused on client services this summer rathern than any added fundraising.Β 

Our new array of services has us bursting at the seams! And with really great engagement and results.

We can use help from everyone! We've made a plan. To break-even for service already received and delivered, we need to get 50 new donors (minimum $3.00!) plus 442 gifts from existing supporters, ranging from $3-$135 in the bronze level gift to $3000 and up in the platinum gift level. And if you aren't able to donate, you can subscribe. We need 130 new trial subscribers (4 editions in 12 months). There's a place for everyone in this community-centered ministry.

There's a place for businesses and churches, too. We need lots of funding for our outreach bags that are going to homeless of all ages across Austin. This is a terrific project for businesses (suggestion of $1000) or churches (suggested gift $500). We can't keep doing this crisis response without additional supports.

We just got a report from our bank. While we are solid, we have to keep generating "extra income" so that we can qualify for a mortgage and buya building one day soon. While we may not want to do that, a new location is becoming a necessity sooner rather than later!

Yes, I want to help with This Community-centered Ministry!

Our most valuable product is guidance counseling. Most of your gift goes to pay for this life-changing service. Of course, we also offer food, clothing, and more. For more information about us and how your gifts are used by our small and thrifty organization, go to our regular Donate page. You can give in any way you prefer (Paypal, Venmo, Credit Card, Check, Facebook, Electronic Check). Giving options are outlined in the menu under "Donate."