End-of-year Fundraiser

The time is now for our end-of-year fundraiser! We always aim to grow our services in concert with our support so that we remain stable for our clients. We set our goal by measuring our income and expenses for the previous 12 months. Our breakeven goal is shown below with progress in a new way. We want to show how it takes everyone as a village to make our ministry work!

Where can You Help?

Wherever you fit on our chart below, know you can move the needle:

It's been a great year but our expenses are rising due to increased services and a pending move (since our building will no longer be available next year sometime).Β 

Help Guide and Equip Homeless Young Adults

When you donate to SYMinΒ 

They come to us for food, clothing, toiletries and self-care items but they stay to be heard, known and for guidance counseling. 80% engage deeply. Those who do are twice as likely to set and achieve life-changing goals than those who don't. We're always adapting and trying new things, but our methods are tested and effective since 2008. They are awesome individuals and need help to recover from extreme poverty they have already experienced at this young age.

Yes, I want to help guide and equip homeless young adults!

Our most valuable product is guidance counseling. Most of your gift goes to pay for this life-changing service. Of course, we also offer food, clothing, and more. For more information about us and how your gifts are used by our small and thrifty organization, go to our regular Donate page. You can give in any way you prefer (Paypal, Credit Card, Check, Facebook, Electronic Check). Giving options are outlined in the menu under "Donate."