Drop-By Austin Info

Our full services are lists at help.SYMin.org

Our Drop-by Services are offered M-F 12-4pm at our gate. We are only able to serve those 28 years and under who are experiencing homelessness, at risk of homelessness or those 28 and under enrolled in programs to prevent homelessness in Austin.

Social distancing of six feet and masks are required. No camping near our facility. We take temporary closure breaks if these requirements are not able to be observed.

  • Hot food trays, cold food items and snacks, cold drinks and water.

  • Toiletries and books self-served.

  • Phone use. Laptop use when weather appropriate.

  • Clothing by size. Arts or craft kits.

  • Food bags: Request either food pantry bag (every 5 days) if you have a lease or camping bag (every 3 days) if no lease or no way to cook.

  • Volunteer service hours, online learning and occasional group participation bonuses can be redeemed from bus passes (daily or weekly), headphones, ear buds, phone chargers and more. Check out our app for details.

Address: 408 W 23rd Street Basement

Phone/Text: 512 553 3796

email: info@streetyouthministry.org

Receive Mail or Packages

Use this address:

Your Legal Name (street name)

Street Youth Ministry

408 W 23rd Street Basement

Austin TX 78705

(The phone for shipping is 512 553 3796.)