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  • We are at the Austin Central Library for outreach 1pm on Tuesday/Thursday. We are hosting groups at the library at 2pm on Tuesday/Thursday. We bring a selection of clothing, supplies and food bags for distribution to our clients 28 and under.

  • Online groups are available Mon-Thur at 1pm and 2pm for clients 28 and under! In-person groups are available for those clients 28 and under in our area at 2pm Mon-Thur. No one camping near our building, sitting or lying will be invited in due to safety concerns. No one out of control will be invited in. Following group at 2pm on site, there can be limited resources retrieved for you. Gate service has been discontinued in favor or more personal service.

  • Clothing by size. Arts or craft kits.

  • Food bags: Request either food pantry bag (every 5 days if lease) or camping bag (every 3 days if no lease or no way to cook).

  • Redemption of service hours for bus passes or merchandise.

  • Online learning and occasional group participation bonuses can be redeemed virtually for an Amazon gift card. Check out our app for details.

Address: 408 W 23rd Street Basement

Phone/Text: 512 553 3796


Receive Mail or Packages

Use this address:

Your Legal Name (street name)

Street Youth Ministry

408 W 23rd Street Basement

Austin TX 78705

(The phone for shipping is 512 553 3796.)

You can pickup mail at the end of in-person groups or by special appointment.